Is there a probation period?

Yes, there will be a probation period of minimum 12 months, however as Urvyam is a pure research based tech company, all probation are performance based and employees will have to prove their mental caliber during this time. Depending upon the performance of the employee, the probation period may extend beyond one year.

I’m looking for an internship, can I apply?

Sorry, at this time we are looking for full-time dedicated personnel who are ready to contribute completely to space research activities.

I’m a fresher without an engineering degree, can I apply?

As part of our guiding principles, we look beyond candidates’ degrees and their work experiences. All you have to do is to prove your metal during the interview. Urvyam’s endeavour is to give opportunity to as many as possible if they wish to have a career in Space research tech.

I’m interested in Space research but my experience is different from Aerospace or Aeronautics, can I apply?

Yes, you are welcome to apply. We believe in you and as we move toward achieving a common goal, we assume that you have gained required technical knowledge. Hence we extend the opportunity to you with the expectation that you will clear the technical interview round.

How would I know if I’m selected?

We will approach the candidate with formal email communication informing about their selection. Selected candidates will be informed within Two weeks after the completion of On-Premise interview.

Am I expected to work on weekends?

Urvyam strongly believes in maintaining the physical and mental health of a well being. Also Urvyam is a Space research tech company where mental health is paramount, hence we strongly discourage long working hours and working on weekends.


I could not sit for the exam on given date, can I get a refund?

The exam fee is Non-Refundable, however we understand that there may be various situations because of which candidate could not appear for the exam. Hence we extend the opportunity and allow you to appear for the exam on the next scheduled date. We conduct recruitment throughout the year, if you miss the first one, you can always sit in the next one. However this opportunity can be availed only Once.

Can I pay exam fee with Credit Card/Debit Card or via Bank Transfer?

Sorry, at this time we are accepting payment only through UPI transfer. Please make sure you enter the correct UTR number shown after making payment in your mobile app along with the Order #nos, so that we can match it with our records.

I could not clear AERO, can I change the subject on the next attempt?

Yes, you can. If you could not clear AERO in the first attempt and you are confident that you can clear MECH or COMP in the next or subsequent attempt, you can register for the same.

How many attempts can I make?

We expect you to clear the exam in first attempt. However there may be circumstances because of which you may not perform to the best of your ability, hence you shall be given 10 attempts to give the exam, however you shall be required to give the exam fee for every attempt.

Can I give more attempts?

The exam is designed to select only the Best of the Engineering talent who will be given a chance to be part of the Space program at Urvyam. If you could not clear in 10 attempts, most likely you don’t possess the required Engineering skills, we strongly advise not to waste your money and time on this, however if you are crazy about Rockets we will reset the counter and will give you another 10 attempts.

Have some more questions? Write to us at hr@urvyam.com