How Merit List is Made?

Prelims: Online Examination

The Online Examination in Prelims is designed to evaluate applicant’s engineering ability to understand and solve complex technical problems which may arises during Aerospace and Aeronautics research activities at Urvyam. The evaluation also consider applicant’s deep interest in pursuing career in the field of Aerospace and Aeronautics.

The Merit list is prepared keeping applicant’s engineering ability and interest in following ways:
  1. High Scorer: Candidate scoring maximum mark shall be Ranked from Highest to Lowest.
  2. Fast Scorer: Candidate scoring maximum mark but taking less amount of time to finish the exam shall be Ranked from Highest to Lowest.
  3. Persistent Scorer: Candidate scoring maximum mark, taking less amount of time for completing the exam and also had more attempts shall be Ranked from Highest to Lowest.
  4. Lucky Scorer: Candidate with maximum score, less time, more attempts but applied earlier than rest shall be ranked from Highest to Lowest.

It is expected that an applicant will fall into one or more of the above categories, and hence will put into the final Merit list in the order from 1 (High Scorer) to 4 (Lucky Scorer).

Candidate scoring below this mark shall not be considered for Merit List.


The Mains will be a single day event where the Candidates qualifying in Prelims as per the Merit list shall be invited at Urvyam’s R & D Center for final evaluation.

There will be Two Test and One Face-2-Face interview. All Candidate shall be evaluated for these tests and interview considering the below mention benchmarks.

  1. ProxyTress Qualifier: Candidate shall be deemed qualified ONLY when candidate can match or get score near to the Prelims marks. When the Candidate fails this test, all other rounds even if passed shall not be considered.
  2. CFD Qualifier: Candidate displaying accurate results in ParaView/preferred Simulation software shall be deemed qualified.
  3. Research Qualifier: Candidate during Face-2-Face interview have to demonstrate their understanding of Aerospace/Aeronautics/Mechanics of Space/Space Vehicles/Propulsion/Material Science and other related domain knowledge and their ability to perform research with minimum assistance.
  4. Non-Research Qualifier: A candidate failing in the Research Aptitude benchmark, but qualifying ProxyTress and CFD shall also stand to qualify Mains ONLY IF the minimum or no positions are filled by any Candidate appearing in the Mains.


ProxyTress Qualifier

Candidate A

Score 75%
Score 71%


Candidate B

Score 75%
Score 60%