Hiring Principle


Urvyam pledge to give opportunity to everyone to be part of our family. This our founding principle on which we act.
We give opportunity to any-one and every-one without looking their Caste, Gender, Religion, Economical or Martial Status.
We also choose to ignore a person’s Degree, Diploma, Certificate, College or University as we believe this is hindrance in career aspirations.
We look beyond Working Experience – lack or more of it, as we are unique space research tech company and in our observation each-one is unique, therefore we like to invite everyone to keep our company remain Unique.

शत: स्तम्भ (100 Pillars) Program

We intend to onboard 100 focused individuals who will lay the foundation of Urvyam’s core research group. These individuals shall have the ability to span their wings into unchartered territory of the Universe and explore new frontier of Science and Technology.


Applications are invited from personnel looking for a Research job in the Space tech domain.

Job Profile: “Urvyam Engine Research & Prototype development”

Description: At Urvyam we are building the next generation space engine for new age space vehicles. The present job requires us to do research and prototype development of our Urvyam Engines which will be going to propel our Satellite Launch Vehicles (SLV)s into orbit carrying satellites for the purpose of scientific research, telecommunication, internet and for various earth observations related to climate and monitoring.

Position: Research Associate – Aerospace

Recruitment Code: ARHAT – 5


Selection: Based on Online Examination (अर्हत)


Urvyam Engines Pvt. Ltd (Urvyam) has not hired anyone for the purpose of this recruitment. Any individual / group / organization claiming to represent Urvyam or conducting any recruitment against the advertised vacancies should not be trusted. Please report such entities to